Valuation and MBO structure Project: NewMBO   Date: Time:  
DEAL         PROFIT & LOSS A/C       CASHFLOW      
Price/value: Value of Company     Yr 1 Yr 2 Yr 3     Yr 1 Yr 2 Yr 3  
Add: debt Existing borrowings   Year end: 2018 2019 2020     2018 2019 2020  
Deal costs Estimate     Sales          
TOTAL Funding required             EBITDA  
        EBITDA   Other P&L  
Funded:   Base Variation   Depreciation   Capex (-)  
Shares:   Equity Equity   Other P&L   Stocks  
Ords-Mgt   Int:O/D   Debtors  
Ords-VC   Int: Bank   Creditors  
Total Ords   Int: VC   Other Crs.  
Prefs-VC       PBT   Tax paid  
VC loan       Tax   Cash  
Bank loan New debt     Pref Div - VC   Int:O/D  
Overdraft       Ord Div - VC   Int:term  
TOTAL       Profit ret'd   Bank loan  
                Free Cash  
RATES Yr 1 Yr 2 Yr 3   RATIOS 2018 2019 2020   Int: VC  
  2018 2019 2020   Sales growth   Divs: Pref  
Bank/OD   EBITDA %    Divs: Ords  
VC int   EBITDA cover   NetFlow  
Pref div   Cash cover  
Tax rate   Debtor days   Copyright 2018: Equity Ventures Limited  
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DEAL, EBITDA and EXIT RATIOS     BALANCE SHEETS         Yr 1 Yr 2 Yr 3  
Last 12 months sales pre-deal     Before Deal Pro-forma Post deal 2018 2019 2020  
Last 12 months EBITDA pre-deal   F.Assets 0   F.Assets  
Last 12m EBITDA %     Stock 0   Stock  
Deal total (price + debt + fees)   Debtors 0   Debtors  
Deal PE (deal total/EBITDA )   Trade Crs 0   Trade Crs  
Deal PE (based Yr 1 EBITDA)   Other Crs 0   Other Crs  
Bank risk/EBITDA     Tax due 0   Tax due  
Bank risk to Yr1 EBITDA   NTA 0   NTA  
Exit PE (Yr 3 EBITDA)     Goodwill 0 0   Goodwill  
NTA less net debt - pre-deal   Total 0   Total  
VC cash multiple            
Management multiple on exit   Ord Shares 0   Ord Shares  
VC multiple  (var)     P/L a/c 0 0 0   P/L a/c  
Management multiple (var)   Pref shares 0   Pref shares  
  VC loan 0   VC loan  
  Bank loan 0   Bank loan  
EXIT VALUATION OF SHARES ON EXIT   Overdraft 0   O/D/(cash)  
        Total 0   Total  
Exit at end of year 3 Base Variation  
EBITDA (year 3)   VC CASHFLOW & IRR       Year:2017 2018 2019 2020  
Exit multiple of EBITDA     Ordinary Shares        
Value of company     Ordinary dividends   0  
Less:Bank loan     Preference Shares          
Net (O/D)/Cash     VC loan              
Less: VC loan repaid     Pref dividends    
Value of equity     Prefs redeemed x    
Less: Prefs-VC     Loan interest    
Value of Ords     VC loan repaid x    
Management's ords     Ords value on exit          
VC's ords value   Base case IRR & cash flow    
Value of Ords   Variation IRR & cash flow    
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